Vani IVF Center


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The VANI IVF and Surrogacy Center is the First Complete IVF lab. of Eastern Ahmedabad, Gujarat India, providing IVF and Surrogacy in Ahmedabad with stringent International Standards, Double Laminar Workstations, CO2 incubator (Binders U.K.) of 72 hours complete backup, USG machines from Wipro, Colour Doppler from Wipro, Positive Pressure Module, HEPA air sterilization system for absolute Zero DUST and Zero Bacteria IVF LAB, all this is defined as absolutely essential requirements as per International Standards for an IVF Lab for treatment of Infertility and that has given Vani-IVF centre a prominent position for IVF in Ahmedabad and surrogacy in Ahmedabad and also for surrogacy in Gujarat. Vani IVF center has been providing healthcare and Infertility services in Maninagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat since 1999. The setup, designing, installation and commissioning of the Vani-IVF Lab is done by the leaders in IVF lab setup. The Vani-IVF lab is therefore set to provide ALL services, for the EFFECTIVE management of Infertility by IVF and Surrogacy.

The surrogacy program is specially cost effective as compared to surrogacy centre of other countries and other centre of surrogacy in Gujarat and also center of surrogacy in Ahmedabad, with very high success rates in surrogacy.The surrogates are screened strictly for their Medical cleanliness, in terms of Blood investigations and Other relevant investigations to ensure ABSOLUTE Safety for the baby, stringent medical standards for screening are followed for the surrogates under the surrogacy program, and equally watchful supervision is maintained during Post ET period and throughout the pregnancy of the surrogates for the delivery of Normal Healthy and Medically fit baby for the parents seeking surrogacy and IVF in India.